Save Alaska's Cats
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      Working to make ALL Savannah cats legal in Alaska!
In September 2007, A cat was captured in Anchorage, Alaska. This made the news because the cat looked like a small Cheetah, something that the capturer thought had escaped from the zoo. He was taken to the veterinarian and treated. He had a broken tail, was malnutritioned and dehydrated.

When the news broke, the cat's family knew that the cat in question was their escaped Savannah, Simon.   

After 'going public', Simon's escape and capture was noticed by the Department of Fish and Game (DF&G), who contacted his family and notified them that their beloved family member would have to be exported from the state or euthanized. Savannah cats, along with Bengal and Chause cats were illegal in Alaska.

The exotic cat lovers along with dog owners and just 'plain ordinary people' of Alaska who feel that their rights have been compromised by un nessesary laws, rules and regulations regarding family members, have united and formed Save Alaska's Cats.

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